Planning Task Force
Purpose: To coordinate special projects and conduct long and short term planning for ICF > Worship Ministry
Purpose: To greet members and guest before service, coordinate activities during service and properly seat congregants.

Hospitality Ministry
Purpose: To welcome guest during service, encourage them with hugs, small talk, and refreshments

Evangelism Ministry
Purpose: To win souls for Christ and assure that guest and new members are properly welcomed and assimilated.

Music Ministry
Purpose: To praise and worship the Lord, through Senior Choir, Men’s Chorus, Youth Choir, Praise Teams, and Dancing

Out Reach Ministry
Purpose: To meet the social and spiritual needs of people beyond ICF

Health and Safety Ministry
Purpose: To coordinate health and safety needs for the ministry

Fundraising Ministry
Purpose: To creatively raise funds for the growth of ICF > Education Ministry
Purpose: Responsible for teaching and training of Sunday school, New Members Classes, and other training as instructed > Finance Ministry
Purpose: To receive and count all funds, track financial stewardship and do financial planning for the church >
Nomination Ministry
Purpose: To update the ICF Constitution, coordinate nominations and elections.
Pastoral Relations Ministry
Purpose: Insures the Pastor has a fair salary, compensation package, health care, and other pastoral needs >
Communications Ministry
Purpose: To educate and make known to the public the vision and mission of ICF through radio, TV, news letters, tapes, videos, etc.
Marketing Task Force:
Purpose: To operate and coordinate activities of the ICF Bookstore. >
More Ministries To Play A Part
• Missions
• ICF Bible Institute
Rental Taskforce
Kidney Taskforce
Proposal Taskforce

Cultural Ministry
Purpose: To apply the cultural pillar of ICF using education, dramatic arts, music, workshops, and various cultural performances >
Business Development Ministry
Purpose: To up hold the economic pillar of ICF through educating members of the pros and cons of business ownership and helping them develop, promote and build successful businesses>
Youth Ministry
Purpose: To teach the teens how to have fun while growing and learning about Christ.
Prayer Ministry
Purpose: To focus on the power of prayer and fasting. Have prayer before service, host weekly prayer line and retreats/vigils
More Ministries To Play A Part
• Men’s Ministry
• Women’s Ministry
• Single’s Ministry
• Marriage Ministry
• Children’s Ministry/ Girl’s Club
• Senior Ministry
• Worship Regularly
• Serve Eagerly
• Give Generously
• Live Worthily
• Tithing means 10% of my 1st fruits or increase. Anything besides 10% is simply a free will offering.
• Stewardship is freely giving back to God what God has given me.