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An application or request must be submitted to the church during regular business hours. An authorized administrative staff member will check the church’s calendar for availability of the requested space, date and time, and then contact the appointed Task Force Leader. Once availability is confirmed, a Task Force staff member will be assigned to the event, to discuss policies, procedures and equipment availability with you by telephone or in person. You may also request a tour of the space.

 The applicant(s) must complete the following in order to reserve the space:

  • Meet with a task force member in-person, to tour space for suitability to event.
  • Complete a formal application.
  • Submit the required security deposit.
  • Sign a standard Agreement and get a receipt.

What happens if I need to cancel?

You must cancel at least two weeks in advance of your event, in order to receive a refund; or you may reschedule for another date at no additional cost. If your event is cancelled by you or the Church for any reason, your fee(s) less any identified charges will be refunded by mail within two weeks.
Schedule of Payment

Full payment of the rental is due with the signing of the Rental Agreement; or within fifteen (15) days prior to the event. Please be sure that you make arrangements to pay all additional charges at the end of your event. All Payments received by any member of the Rental Task Force shall be turned over to the Church’s Treasurer and be receipted. 
Security Deposit Refund
The security deposit is refundable.  Your fee(s) less any identified charges will be refunded by mail within two weeks.
Returned Check Policy
A thirty-five ($35.00) dollars fee will be added to all returned checks without exception. Failure to pay such fee, renter will be bared from future use.


Scheduling of weddings should be made several months in advance prior to the desired date for approval by the Senior Pastor.

What are renter(s) responsibilities?

  • Do set-up for your event and return all equipment to their original arrangements at the end of event.
  • Follow all policies and procedures outlined in your Agreement and the Facility Rental Policy.
  • Comply with the maximum occupancy limit and the No Smoking and No Alcoholic Beverage Policy.
  • Complete the Hall Security/Exit Checklist with the assigned staff on duty.
  • Take precautions against damage to the hall, equipment and kitchen facility.
  • Make sure all spaces used are thoroughly cleaned, and all trash thrown out.
  • Provide program information and detailed directions to your attendees.

ICF Ministries is not responsible for your equipment, supplies, materials or other items. Equipment owned by you may not be left and/or stored in the premises without prior approval. Items and supplies needed must be brought on the day of the scheduled event and removed at the end of the event.

Renter(s) may use any outside caterers of their choice, or bring their own food.
Alcoholic Beverages and Smoking

The sale and service of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in and around the church’s premises. This includes bottles of champagne, beer, wine coolers and other alcoholic beverages. Please inform your guests.  Additionally, NO SMOKING is allowed on ICF grounds or ICF’s buildings.  Failure to follow such guidelines will result in the event being shut-down.


In order to assess damages, if any, a walk-thru will take place at the completion of each event's load-out, with the staff on duty. Each user group and renter is responsible for the behavior of their own guests and participants.  Any damage done to the church or church property by guests and participants will be the responsibility of the renter.


Helium balloons must be placed on required weights.  Decorations and aisle runners CANNOT be taped, nailed, thumb-tacked, screwed, pinned or fastened to pews, windows, woodwork, or any church property.  Pew decorations such as tied ribbons or hanging bouquets on covered wire are allowed.  All décor must be removed at the close of the event.  No birdseed or rice may be used on the premises.  Bubbles may be used on the outside of the building only.

Unauthorized Use of Space and Equipment

Use or entry into rooms that are not reserved by your party is prohibited. No items may be stored, removed, rearranged in spaces that are not reserved per your application.  All electronic equipment owned by ICF must be operated by the Church’s qualified technician. 

Sanctuary Use

Sales, selling, money collection are strictly prohibited. Food and drink are NOT allowed in the SANCTUARY at any time.  No changes may be made to the sanctuary set up without prior approval.

Monetary Incentives

Each event will be manned by a member of the Rental Task Force or approved ICF member, on a rotational basis, based on availability. An honorarium of $10.00 per hour, included in the rental fee, will be paid to the task force member covering any paid event




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